Air Pear

The Air Pear Thermal Equalizer by Airius delivers energy conservation for your sustainable business.

The Air Pear is the most efficient and cost- effective destratification product available, and makes traditional ceiling and warehouse fans obsolete.

The Air Pear is compact, low wattage and nearly silent air turbine will balance out your facilities' temperature, from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

The Thermal Equalizer system utilizes a multiple unit approach, which allows greater and even wider coverage, as opposed to one large central system. Air Pear Thermal Equalizers service ceilings from 8 to 100 feet.

Air Pear also makes your HVAC systems run more efficiently, using less valuable energy. Remember, the rule of conservation is to always save and reuse. With the Air Pear Thermal Equalizer you'll recycle your heat before you purchase more.

Installation of the Air Pear system will contribute to a building's LEED rating points, increasing its level of sustainability, decreasing its energy usage.

What type of customer already uses the Air Pear? Here are just a few: Grocers, hospitals, warehouse and distribution centers, greenhouse and botanic gardens, museums, gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities, shopping malls, concert halls and aircraft hangars.

When you're ready to save on heating and cooling costs, Air Pear Thermal Equalizer should be your first pick in energy conservation.


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