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Keep your Southern Florida workspace free of clutter!

Do you find your employees using valuable workspace to store their personal items? Purchase lockers for your warehouse or commercial space! At Sources4, we sell top quality lockers designed by Lenox. Lenox lockers are created to withstand years of use in almost any type of industrial environment.

We sell the following types of Lenox lockers:

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Metal

Lenox's plastic lockers are the most popular, as they can withstand the elements and can be easily repaired if broken. The team at Sources4 can help you design custom Lenox lockers to fit your warehouse space. Lockers are great for employee storage, as well as storing any type of items you need at a future date.

Free estimates are available for our Lenox products, so if you wish to learn how affordable lockers can be, please contact us at (305) 607-2071 now. Our employees can offer you a custom quote for the specific amount your lockers may cost. We look forward to helping you organize your industrial space!

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